I am a friendly Irish portrait and documentary photographer based in Glasgow. My work ranges from people to place to performance. No matter what, I create permanent images with colour, humour, subtlety and emotion.

I shoot creative portraiture for editorial, publicity and advertising. I really enjoy working with people and the challenges and nuances of representing them in an image. I love photography’s capacity for storytelling and I always explore ways to engage people and the human element at the centre of a photo.

As one of Scotland’s leading production and events photographers, I have ten years of experience in production stills for Theatre, Film and performance. I creatively document projects, artworks, architecture, events and festivals. My love of people means that collaboration is a natural fit for me, and I really enjoy working with teams on projects across the performing and visual arts throughout the UK. I enjoy the variety my work allows in shooting in studio or on location; reportage or constructed image. My work has been published in The Guardian, The Times, FT, The Stage, Outside Magazine and She Shreds along with many poster campaigns.

My skills fit perfectly to weddings and I photograph ten each year to allow me to balance my creative and commercial world as well as the busy pleasures of fatherhood. Please check out here for more info.


His ability not to miss a moment, his energy and passion comes across in each and every photo.

Shona Black, University of Edinburgh

Eoin captures images other photographers might miss, the essence of people, a place or performance.

Owen O’Leary, Oh Really PR

I feel fortunate to be able to work with such a gifted photographer and always thoroughly enjoy our shoots.

Stacey Hunter, Local Heroes

He is a supremely creative photographer, patient and friendly, very easy to work with and has a knack for putting even the most uncomfortable people at ease.

Margaret Smith, WASPS