Creative Edinbirthday!

With festivity and jubilation coming from every pore at the moment, I couldn’t think of a better post to talk about good old fashioned celebration. Last month long standing client, awesome group of individuals and good friends Creative Edinburgh celebrated their 2nd birthday. Apart from the successful championing and encouraging of a tidalwave of local and creative endeavors, the last two years saw both Janine and Lynsey co-direct the organisation together. The birthday doubled as a farewell for Lynsey as she moves on to new pastures in London.

Working as an independent creative, I am always really interested in collaborations. A big believer in 1+1=3, partners, companions, accomplices, double acts and duos are always inspiring, especially when they work really well. No exception to this synergy are J&L who at once compliment each other perfectly yet are mirror opposites. Before the Birthday showdown and awards, I asked to take their portrait as a memento of a cherished time in their careers. The end of a year is always an odd old thing. It is almost a deadline, a fulcrum of change in the closing days of the year. There are departures and arrivals all around at the moment, as they will continue. So it is important for me to salute, while everyone is too hard at work to notice, a brilliant working partnership.

I also produced this whistlestop video of the rest of the night that I love. If chaos and cake are your thing, check it out below!

Creative Edinburgh Awards & 2nd Birthday Party from Creative Edinburgh on Vimeo.