Revamp or decamp

With a very sporadic posting calendar so far this year things are starting to feel a little stale and worn around the blog.  With a re-routing of efforts into  s i t t e r s  and finishing college this year there is a little inertia lingering about writing at the moment. To top it all off i am sitting on a mountain of imagery, photographs and footage from the last year and, while i like to look to the latest and greatest, there is a lot to be revisited over the next while. To level the playing field of where my skill and craft has taken us, but also to return to some of the more important moments in the last few months of my life. I have a little wall to climb to get back into regular posting so i’ll start small if thats ok.

The big question for any graduate is “whats now?” but since i fielded that quiz 3 years ago , “i’ll just have more of the same please.” But i’m not without a schedule. I am over the moon (and secretly perplexed)  to be the official photographer of the Edinburgh International Festival this August in Edinburgh. So whatever for now, i know that i can look forward to a tremendous month of doing what i love. This is a luxury to have for most people in my position, in and out of photography.

But i haven’t forgotten since day one, a qualification doesn’t make you qualified, and the only grade you should trust is your own. You better believe, your papers will be nowhere to be seen when you are pushed to the edge of your work. All you will have is your own time and your own tools. And if you look after both, no establishment can improve on that.