As the sun sets on another year, I am as ever mining through my archive of the last twelve months. Through the full seasonal spectrum I still make time to document the trivial little signals in the world around me.
 Here is 2012 and here’s to 2013.
Happy new year


Pineapple express

Catching up on past events, for all you poor suckers who missed out on the wonder-night that was LeithLate2012, come hop on board the pineapple express on a tour of Leith Walk ( no bumbling Seth Rogen thankfully )

LeithLate is an arts and culture event that takes place in the best place in Edinburgh at the best time of day. Its in the name. Bars, cafes, tailors, barbers, shops, studios, galleries and community centers all hold their doors open into the evening and host individual exhibitions that showcase the work of local artists across multiple art formats. It is a veritable treasure map of an evening with sculpture, photography, design, cinema but most importantly, music. There are sets of local musicians playing the length of the walk in so many venues to soundtrack the proceedings.

I was delighted to be able to return to photograph Leithlate again this year as well as hold my own exhibition,    f e e t  u pwith its mystifying (but fully formed) Hawaiian theme. Busy night for me then. You can see a full gallery of the night here. Below is the  f e e t  u p  pineapple tour as well as the full video tour, in which I merged every single photo from the night (even the wonky ones) into a wickedly fun animation. 

Enjoy, count my cameos and try to imagine it’s summer.

LEITHLATE 2012 from eoin carey on Vimeo.

Feet Up from eoin carey on Vimeo.

Leith Late 2012 from SUMMERHALL TV on Vimeo.

Be Wide

Last week saw the annual musical mélange of Wide Days descend on Edinburgh at Teviot Row. It is a two day consortium of speakers, panels, workshops, showcases and of course, blaring music: a hot bed of music industry knowledge to serve the uninitiated.

I was invited to cover the main events of the day-time panels and discussions. As the proverbial fly on the wall, it is hard not to pick up more than just photos. There was a lot of very solid knowledge from very sharp and sympathetic minds. Gems even that I could take on board for my own approach to creativity. First that it is a business, given,  but second that it is important to share the workload and get hard hitting feedback when you can. Creativity is not a path to be gone alone, and there was a great vibe about the event that lit some flames and got everyone’s minds on building up the community.