A sun and a moon. A blink of an eye again.

In twelve months it is inconceivable where our feet fall. Mine have covered some ground. My shoes, the aged reliquarys of adventure, are always at the frontier of my expeditions. They are retired with grace and ceremony as the months wear them away. Parting with them, in their gait warped state, always brings a tugging reluctance. Twins of stability, accessory to my safe passage. Their silent companionship remains through the rain and frost of another year. They are seldom acknowledged for their service to how I see the world. But whatever I see through my camera, I wait for, on foot and on the street. 
Here at the end of a year when so many things have happened, the compulsion to remember the major events often obscures the beautiful phenomenon of three hundred days passing unmarked. On my travels, I have picked up milestones in pictures. An esoteric measurement of the seasons that I search out or capture in passing. I have no way of predicting what the next year has in store, what I do know is that I will keep searching in the street for reminders of life playing out, and that I will probably need new shoes.
Happy new year.

Glasgow Film Festival ’13

Kudos! Another brilliant year for Glasgow Film Festival. Building, as ever, on their previous years, 2013 saw Glasgow implode under a hefty programme of over 350 events. The festival stretched its reach across international cinematic boundaries as well as venues in the city, from a western dancehall to an obscure underground subway.

I was invited in again this year to provide coverage on the events from the red carpet to the afterparty mayhem. Here are some of the highlights below!

Lorenza Izzo and Eli Roth at the UK Premiere of Aftershock

Nicolas Lopez works the red carpet for the UK premiere of Aftershock

Festival Co-Director Alan Hunter introduces a special screening of Carl Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc at Glasgow Cathedral 

Gemma Arterton at the Q&A of Neil Jordan’s UK Premiere of Byzantium
Saoirse Ronan on the red carpet for Neil Jordan’s Byzantium

Citadel director, Ciaron Foy on the red carpet

Jake Wilson, the youngest member of the Q&A panel for Citadel

Robert Emms in conversation at the Q&A of Rufus Norris’s Broken 
Actor Emun Elliot and casting agent Kahleen Crawford in conversation  as part of a BAFTA event

Guests at the afterparty of We Are Northern Lights

 First Minister Alex Salmond  has his comic knowledge challenged by Mark Millar at GEEK night
Audience at the Frightfest Friday marthon
Festival Co-director Allison Gardner with the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce



As the sun sets on another year, I am as ever mining through my archive of the last twelve months. Through the full seasonal spectrum I still make time to document the trivial little signals in the world around me.
 Here is 2012 and here’s to 2013.
Happy new year