Steve Mason

All too aware that this March is turning into this April all too quickly, I had better step up my pace and keep the world up to date with my whereabouts. 2013, slow down will ya?

To coincide with the release of Steve Mason’s Monkey Minds in the Devils Time, The Skinny asked me to shoot him for this month’s cover. I heard the words “protest” and “somewhere like kind of a wasteland”, and my head skipped a few chapters and went straight to “smokebombs!” We took a walk to a lesser-known spot overlooking Leith Walk and stirred up a storm of smoke and flashes. In hindsight, only in hardy Leith could this go unacknowledged.


New year, new you,etc….CHIPS.

Only the 8th of January and I’ve already ticked off an entire new year’s resolution. Oh dear.
I promised myself last year to shoot a cover and hold a solo exhibition in 2013. And Hark, I had the pleasure of shooting The Skinny’s January cover, before the year was even underway.
You’ll notice I say that I had the pleasure. For the man at the other end of the camera, the pleasure was fast transforming into a gastro feat of stodgy stoicism. Rick Redbeard basically ate all the chips.

Better get working on that exhibition then, I might even be able to knock off 6 months early!