Edinburgh International Festival – A New Year

Wednesday saw the launch of the programme for the EIF’s 2012 Festival. I was invited back to shoot the launch photocall and file to the press.

As Spring is starting to shake the limbs of the city to life again, I had it forgotten after such a drawn out winter, that the festival is officially on the horizon. This winter in particular was so grey, I had just accepted there would never be a summer again. But now that the proof is all around (and I went to the shop in a t-shirt this morning just to check), I can’t but get excited for August.

The EIF programme is particularly exciting this year and I cannot hide just a tinge of jealousy that I won’t be on the front lines again this year. Pick up a brochure from the Hub and while you are at it, take a final look at my exhibition EIF: The Big Picture.