A Little Fun

Its not everyday the photographer gets a mention! When a picture is worth 1,000 words (on the old exchange rates anyway), there tends to be little editorial real-estate for the creative process behind the scenes. And rightly so, articles can be in depth enough without needing to know about the textile content of the backdrop materials and nasal shadowing of the subject. But interestingly, the interview and the photoshoot are almost as enjoyable as the finished product.

This flattering quote is from Julian Corrie in his New Blood feature in this month’s Skinny. The shoot in question was arranged by the creative folks at The Skinny at the Glasgow Science Centre. If you haven’t visited or don’t know anything about it, be sure of this: it is a world of fun. You could end up having too good a time. And so it went. Legging it through wonderful, interactive floors, setting up images at instruments, mirrors and displays and getting distracted by all the toys. Me and the staff bombarded Julian with sponge balls and built him a fort out of tetris foam blocks. Hardly what you can call “effort”, when you’re splitting your sides.

Go on and have a listen to his work here