Traverse Fringe

The Traverse during August. An institution in its prime.

Dark and underground, with its mellow, modern climate. Tucked underneath all the commotion like an emergency shelter. Like some patient sentinel, offering cool sanctuary to the martyrs of this frantic month. A dark place to close your eyes and open your brain.

From their fringe program this month, it is remains a steeple of contemporary theatre in Scotland. But much more so during August. Subterranean refuge for many, second home to some (myself included). It acts an unlikely Oasis where artists and audiences from every tier come to draw water. It is the final destination for many after a full day of shows, a place with its own gravity, where sanity always remains. A place you will probably find me seeing out the next few weeks.

Here are some of the performances from this month’s program

Bravo, Figaro – Mark Thomas

Beats – Kieran Hurley

Angels – Iain Robertson

Mess – Caroline Horton

All That is Wrong – Koba Ryckewaert

Morning – Simon Stephens

Born to Run – Shauna MacDonald