The final push


Night is setting on the shooting of  s i t t e r s  i am glad to report. With over 21 successful shoots in the bag it is running into deadline territory and time to curb all this mad action to a stop. So with much excitement, i can announce that FRIDAY the 27TH (said in shouty capitals) will see the release of the project here on this blog. There will be more information on the approach, books, exhibitions, awards, tout, but how exciting is that eh? Madness.
But that kind of terminal nonsense will have to wait another week, because i am still (nonsensically) squeezing in a few last minute sitters and, given the scale of how many i have completed, my creativity is starting to stray off the map a little. Lo and behold, Maria, the conqueror of embarrassing location shoots. I have mentioned the sensitivity involved in photographing someone in a no less than vulnerable state in other posts. The technique i have allowed is to take a few test frames to judge the lighting, composition and my equipment. Here the sitter gets to sit in warmth and comfort with their undergarments intact and get used to the camera.  If i were in the same position, i know i would take all the relaxing i could get. So the actual humiliation is kept to a real minimum once everything is set up and tested. All fair? Well, Maria…
Maria needs no testing phase. Needs no screen or stiff drink. Maria just goes for it. Until all is finished. Bolstered by a freezing wind under North Bridge and a sudden downpour? Spurred on by passers by and an endless taxi rank over the road perhaps? Who can know, for her unfathomable powers of humility run deep. And to sport the latest rollerskates with no skill nor balance, a potential disaster? For Maria, it is a mere garnish of expression. I should also perhaps mention something else. This was a re-shoot.

Stay tuned in over the next two weeks for enough  s i t t e r s  excitement to fill up a cistern (after the number 2 button!)