I’m a really happy man.
Theology, a bold and charismatic new production by Martin O’Connor, has just ended its run as part of The Arches Behaviour Festival programme. Performed in The Pearce Institute, a stalwart heart of Govan, everything about the work resounded community. From recruiting a unique male choir of local vocals, to writing that meditates on a generation of life in Govan, through thematic reworkings of an enormous global community – the Catholic Church. And I was invited to join the small community that collaborated on the work. Me and Martin worked together on a poster image for the show, I shot the production images and, a new and brilliant experience, I helped produce bespoke permanent images under the vision of the show’s designer that were hung as part of the set.
While I harp on perpetually about how much I love my job, it isn’t very often you get to work collaboratively with awesome creative people on an a project that is thematically and visually rich. Unlike much of my work, the nicest aspect of this project was the scale of my involvement from early in the show’s development and to be able to lend my vision to what is a wry, complex and moving piece of theatre. All boxes ticked really.
Like I said, I’m really happy.